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REFX Nexus 4 VST & AKAI MPC Live Beatmaking

Making beats live using REFX Nexus & the MPC. I'll do a full review once I get a hang of all the new features.

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Audio Modern

DJ Ave McRee

Waves Audio Has A Real Lofi VST Plugin Now!? Retro Fi Hip Hop Tutorial

Retro Fi is a lofi VST effect plugin from Waves Audio. I'll walkthru the UI & demonstrate the presets (it comes with tons) and teach you how to use it for lofi hip hop! I'm using the AKAI MPC Live 2 & MPC Software (but it works in all DAWs both Wiindows & MacOSX). Let me know how you feel about it in the comments!

get it here

My top wave audio plugin picks
CLA Vocals (I recommend buying the bundle!)
Waves Tune Real Time
RVox (I recommend buying the renaissance bundle!)
Omni channel
H reverb

0:00 intro

DJ Ave McRee

Grammy-Winner Jordan "DJ Swivel" Young Shows Knocktonal VST Plugin

Check out Knocktonal | https://bit.ly/3kAknUH
Check out other DJ Swivel Plugins | https://bit.ly/3FnKhTo
Check out Plugin Deals | https://bit.ly/3Hvrck3

Today at 6PM GMT, join Grammy-Winner @DJSwivel as he takes over our YouTube channel and runs through his new plugin Knocktonal! He will be answering your questions and giving away some copies of his plugins as well, be sure to tune in!

In this live stream, Jordan will do a deep dive into his newest VST plugin Knocktonal.

Shape your drums with notes, not hertz, the way it’s supposed to be done.

DJ Swivel

My Drums Didn't Knock!! VST Plugin Review

DECAP Pluginsthatknock is a VST plugin for drums. The Knock plugin has a few trick up it's sleeve! Will it make your drums knock? Please leave a comment below.

get it here

0:00 intro
1:00 the website checks out
2:07 brief UI overview
2:32 drum example & doodling
5:05 turn kicks into hard 808's????
5:38 this plugin seems familiar???
6:19 preset tour
7:22 more about the UI functions
8:21 oversampling quality & CPU usage
9:53 pros & cons

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DJ Ave McRee

Next Level Mastering with Waves Plugins (Free Presets)

By request! In this updated tutorial, we'll cover all new techniques to increase perceived loudness, maintain mix dynamics and get more exciting masters utilizing the latest Waves plugins.

Completed Presets (Free Download):

Bubby Galloway - Local Legend

►Mixing Presets & DAW Templates
*NEW* Divine Mastering Chains SR (StudioRack): https://bit.ly/mastering-chains-sr
*NEW* Divine Mixing Vocal Chains SR (StudioRack): https://bit.ly/vocal-chains-sr

Sean Divine

CableGuys Noise Shaperbox VST! The LOFI Plugin or Just Another?

Cable Guys Noise Shaperbox is a lofi VST plugin (for both Windows & Apple computers). It works in all DAWs too! It adds character to drums, samples, synths, & more. So can it be "just another lofi plugin"? Leave a comment below!

get it here (demo version available!)

0:00 intro
1:00 audio example (on the master bus)
2:29 what is Noise Shaper?
2:58 brief overview of features (drum example)
4:34 using Noise Shaper on a different beat
4:45 drum example 2
5:08 tips & tricks
7:23 multiband lofi!?!

DJ Ave McRee

2021 Home Studio Tour | TEASER

Hey Gang!

This is a quick Teaser video of my new 2021 Home Studio Tour.
I'll have the full tour with info & all soon. Until then I hope you Enjoy!

LMK In the comments what other Videos you'd like to see me make as well , I haven't forgotten about you YouTube gang!

: )

PS - Make sure if you're not already to come over to my Live streams on Twitch , that's where we've been having all the Musician Fun.

Twitch ▸ https://www.twitch.tv/superstaro

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Superstar O

Roland SP-404MKII A Hip Hop Producer Review

Roland SP 404 MK 2 is a rehash of the classic! However, there are several quality of life changes like: OLED screen with waveforms, velocity sensitive pads, sample chopping, improve I/O, new sample editor app, & more!!! You can even change the face plate easier & customize the loading screen!!! I'll walk you thru the new features. Plus, weigh in on the pros & cons. Let me know how you feel in the comments!

buy it here! (Affiliate link that supports this channel at no additional cost!)
or here

DJ Ave McRee

iPad Mini 6 Review LIVE - with Henny

Here's my thoughts and review of the new #iPadmIni . Come hang out and ask questions as well.

Tap in !!!

Tha Bizness

48hours with the iPhone 13 Pro - A Weekend in the life of Henny

Spent the weekend testing the new #iPhone13Pro and had a fun time doing it!! This is definitely a game changer for context creators! Looking forward to see these new technologies take mobile content creation to even higher levels in the years to come!

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