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How To Grow Your Fanbase In 5 Days | Real Fans FAST!

How many followers do you have right now? How many would you like to have by the end of the year? How many would it take to finally go full time with your music? What if I told you that you could make a full time income from your music without needing to have hundreds of thousands of followers or a stupid blue check mark next to your name. The truth is your follower numbers don't really matter, but the number of actual fans you have does. The issue is that most people have no clue how to guide their followers into becoming die hard passionate fans.

Adam Ivy

How To Build A STRONG Team For Your Music Career

0:01 Intro: How do I build a team?
0:43 Keeping focus on my music
1:14 Who's on my team?
3:32 Crash talks about the right time and people to build a team
4:02 Talking about working solo for 10 years
5:30 You have to get your hands dirty
6:36 Get yourself to 50% first

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Why Most Fail To Build A Real Fanbase | THIS MIGHT HURT

The sad truth is that most will fail to build a real fanbase for their music because they overlook one of the most important steps to converting followers to fans. Having great music and lots of content on social media is good, but not enough. Over and over again I have conversations with talented musicians who feel completely confused as to why their engagement is so low and discouraged that no one seems to care about their music. I made this video to explain the most important aspect to positioning yourself to build a massive fanbase and successful music career.

Adam Ivy

How To Grow On YouTube In 2022 | Start Making Money!

People ask me how to grow on YouTube in 2022 and how long it will take to start making money from their channel and my answer usually catches them off guard. Understanding how to build a successful YouTube channel takes more than having a good camera and posting once a week. That's why I decided to break down the most asked questions about building a channel and deep diving into the answers to help give you an advantage when growing your very own channel.

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Adam Ivy

7 MUST KNOW TIPS For Selling Beats in 2022

Selling beats in 2022 seems to be difficult for the community due to false knowledge being spread and also the amount of competition coming up so quickly. Me and my business manager decided to give you guys some tips that help you stand out and become more valuable.

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How To Easily Work With Popular Artists | Brand New Platform

Getting big name features from artists who have an established name in the music industry can be nearly impossible. Sending out countless emails and DM's rarely ever leads to a response let alone working with them. Well, what if there was an easier way to book features from some of the biggest independent artists in the industry? Well there is now...

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Adam Ivy

How to Send Beats to Bigger Artists and Get Placements

Want to send beats to big artists and get placements? Wonder if you can sell beats online while still sending beats to industry artists? WizardMCE explains how he sent beats to Polo G and went platinum. Also, I show you how to clean your studio gear with a new product you're probably not familiar with yet.

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DJ Pain 1

Why music producers don't get paid

Why does it take so long for music producers to get paid?
It's complicated.
Here are my thoughts.....

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3 things you NEED TO HAVE in the music industry


Producers Not Getting Paid + Moving For Your Career (MEC Podcast 127)

Do producers get paid last for beats when they get placements with labels? Pain shares his experience chasing down money from various labels, including a Joe Budden story. Erin encourages everybody not to fall into the "next year is my year" trap. Dame explains why musicians need FANS and not friends.

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DJ Pain 1