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Yung Lan Talks Owning A Studio & How Many Placements You Need To Be Rich | CEO Morning Show #13

CEO Morning Show Ep 13
Today we are sitting down to interview multi-platinum and gold producer Yung Lan. I have known Lan for a few years now and it seems we share a similar mindset about a lot of things pertaining to music and entrepreneurship.

In this episode Yung Lan drops a lot of gems and advice on opening and running your own recording studio, strting a trucking company, flipping houses for cash, building relationships with artists & other producers, and so much more.

Great interview with producer gems as well as entrepreneurial gems

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00:00 Intro
03:31 Giveaway
06:06 Yung Lan’s plaques
08:20 Yung Lan’s beat store
10:07 Yung Lan’s studio opening interview
11:42 Yung Lan talks investing in things outside of music
12:50 Yung Lan’s advice on proper etiquette for approaching established creators
15:25 Yung Lan joins the show
17:32 How Yung Lan got good at making beats
22:52 How Yung Lan started getting placements at a a young age
23:42 Yung Lan hitting the road and driving to Atlanta from Richmond VA after work at 11pm
25:02 Yung Lan on not getting paid for his early work and cashing out on the backend
27:04 How many placements and how big do they have to be to make six figures as producer
30:00 Selling beats online as an industry producer
32:56 How Yung Lan stays inspired and motivated, daily lifestyle
34:02 What should the lifestyle of a hungry producer look like
37:23 What does a producer that’s not hungry look like
38:33 Where Yung Lan got his entrepreneur spirit and his best business venture
40:27 Why Yung Lan chose to open a studio in Richmond instead of Atlanta
42:06 Yung Lan’s advice on opening up a studio and lessons he’s learned
43:21 Is intern work overrated or underrated
43:51 Hardest part of running a studio
44:19 Yung Lan’s trucking and logistics business
46:03 Yung Lan’s advice on going all in on music
49:05 Q&A with Rafael: Coming up with an artist, chasing placements, investing in your career, lottery mindset
54:00 Q&A with Messa: How important is branding and $300 for collabs with Yung Lan
56:30 Q&A with Chrizzy: What to do when an artist reaches out for a placement, expanding your brand
01:02:26 Q&A with Wade: Managing multiple creative outlets visuals and loops
01:08:22 Q&A with T will: Adding another business to your studio, inspiration to build a studio
01:10:54 Studios Yung Lan recommends in Atlanta to connect with established artists
01:12:46 TB Digital joins the stream, good artists to work with in Richmond
01:14:11 Q&A with Matt: How long does it take to recoup payments for a studio and setting up the studio, studio etiquette
01:19:23 Q&A with Veegi: What to do when you’re not making enough money from music
01:28:30 Outro

Yung Lan