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Yung Lan Interview

We sat down for a conversation with Richmond, Virginia’s very own multi-platinum producer, Yung Lan!
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Yung Lan has worked with several superstars in the hip-hop industry including Young Thug, Rick Ross, DaBaby, Chris Brown, Fetty Wap, French Montana and many more. To name a few topics, in this video, he discusses his stance on music publishing deals, offers advice to other producers, and speaks about networking within music communities.

0:04 How does it feel being signed with Warner Chappel?
0:31 Would you recommend other producers signing to a publishing deal?
1:40 What inspired you to build a production team?
2:18 What’s your criteria for signing producers to your management group?
2:44 What advice would you give to up and coming producers?
4:03 What advice would you give to other producers for getting placements?
5:29 How did you start investing your money?
6:26 What do you use in your studio bag?
7:05 Why do you sell your beats online?
7:44 How do you improve yourself as a producer?
8:09 How do you network with the music community?
9:07 Which other producers inspire you?
10:12 How do you balance your personal life with your career?
10:44 What changes did you make during quarantine?
11:40 What direction do you see the producer world going in the future?
12:09 What would you have done differently given the chance?
13:01 Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
13:31 What artists would you want to work with right now?
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Yung Lan