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"The Ultimate MIDI Controller for FL Studio"

Novation FL Key 37 is the ultimate MIDI controller for FL Studio users! Yes, it's the best MIDI controller that has an AKAI MPC like workflow! My biggest gripe about FL Studio was the annoying amount of mouse clicking. I say that as real FL Studio fan (As I have used FL Studio back when it was called "Fruity Loops"! Yes, I hated that name too! However, Novation created this amazing MIDI controller called the "FLKey 37". It seem like everyone agrees too because it's not easy to find in stores (I'm aware of the music gear shortage sponsor by "the rona"). Glad to see they got this right. Though, sometimes the firmware can be a bit buggy. Which is forgive-able since the coded the scripts via the legendary Python language. As someone who inspires to code in this language. I'm more excited about learning about it! Let me know what you think???

FLkey 37 Sweetwater link: https://imp.i114863.net/9WjPve
zZounds link: https://www.zzounds.com/item--NOVFLKEY37/a--3973043
Amazon link: https://amzn.to/3rBJOZq
Drums used: https://djavemcree.net/product/303469

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All beats are produced by DJ Ave Mcree
This beat tape was mixed by DJ Ave Mcree & Mastered by LANDR

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0:00 comparing to the MINI
2:52 so why the FLKey 37?
3:08 I/O
4:46 vs Launchkey 37 & 25
5:07 quick stuff about registering
5:45 beat making in FL & tips
9:13 the mixing features
9:51 scale mode poorly demonstrated
10:58 note repeat
12:11 pros, cons, & gripes

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DJ Ave McRee