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Sonicware Bass & Beats MPC ONE Beat Making

Making beats on the Sonicware Bass&Beats & AKAI MPC ONE & answering question live!

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0:00 shout outs
3:52 first thoughts of Bass & Beats
7:32 connecting it to my MPC
30:11 creating a drum kit
35:38 making a DnB beat
1:11:08 finished beat #1
1:17:47 chat break
1:22:34 making DnB beat #2
1:50:21 changing drum break loops
1:52:50 finished DnB beat #2
1:56:43 recording in the bass
2:00:20 1st impressions & deep diving fail
2:20:43 final chat break

#MPC #Sonicware #beatmaking

DJ Ave McRee