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Selling More Beats Online With Better Content: Making 6 Figures Selling Beats Online pt 2

Most producers selling beats online use YouTube to market their beats and call it a day. Omito talks making six figures a year selling beats online using different strategies, various social media and more. Add these beat selling tips to your 2021 strategy.

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00:00 - Intro
00:36 - Content Sells Beats
02:57 - Beat Sales from Tutorial Videos?!
04:43 - Text Marketing for Beats
05:46 - Why You Should Make More Beats!
10:06 - Making $30k from Beats in High School
13:40 - Pay Your Taxes!
20:13 - Beat Collab Problems
23:07 - Bulk Deals
25:15 - Email Marketing
26:26 - Where Beats Sell
28:54 - How to Attract Beat Buyers
31:50 - YouTube Plaques
37:35 - Making More Than One Kind of Beat
44:42 - The Future of Marketing Beats
46:46 - MAJOR Beat Selling Key
48:00 - Beat Selling MISTAKES
49:40 - Paid Ads to Sell Beats
53:07 - Link and Collab with Omito

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