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Selling Beats Online on YouTube +How To Get Beat Placements!

Selling beats online can be done in so many ways in 2021. Selling beats on YouTube is one major way, but is marketing type beats the only path to beat selling success? Major League Beats explains how he sells beats on YouTube, how he uses non-traditional keywords, how he got placements by making beat remakes and gives tips on getting major beat placements. Follow MLB at @MLB_Productions

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00:00 - Intro
01:25 - Quitting Your Job to Make Beats
04:25 - Having More Than One Revenue Stream
05:04 - Learning to Engineer
08:05 - Engineers Sell Beats??
09:15 - Getting Beat Placements Through Engineers
11:09 - Getting a J Cole Placement
15:30 - Splitting with Producers on Collabs
18:11 - Sample Clearance vs Loops
23:52 - Greed in the Producer Community
25:08 - Making Beats Sound Organic with VSTs
28:27 - August Alsina Stolen Loop Situation
33:26 - Mastering
34:31 - Is Using Loops Unoriginal?
35:56 - Selling Type Beats on Youtube
39:13 - Placement from YouTube Beat?
41:37 - Ignorance in the Producer Community
44:42 - Artists Cutting Out Producers
48:25 - Keep Your Publishing!
49:47 - Viral Beat on YouTube
51:46 - Placements from Beat Remakes on YouTube

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