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Selling Beats Online Successfully with Dreamlife

We all want to sell more beats online and get major placements. But selling beats online, especially in 2021, isn't easy. Dreamlife explains how he sells beats online successfully, how he markets his beats, how he got several major placements in the last year and why music still matters.

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00:00 - Intro
01:23 - Placements with Russ, Nas, Jeezy
03:21 - Dreamlife changed Pain's life
08:12 - Figuring out who wants your beats
09:56 - Rappers only want to buy trap beats?!
13:05 - Don't sell yourself out
15:06 - Fair splits between producers or nothing
16:47 - Pay somebody else to do it
20:09 - Getting placements from samples
24:33 - How to make GOOD samples
27:38 - Sending samples to big producers
30:23 - Running ads to sell beats
33:08 - Avoid this social media mistake
37:17 - Selling beats on YouTube
43:32 - Making beats for a living is HARD
45:42 - Bad beats don't sell
53:55 - Making instrumental albums
55:23 - Follow Dreamlife

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DJ Pain 1