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Selling Beats is Dead: Producers Don't Get Paid Royalties?!

This week's selling beats is dead convo involves royalties: If you are selling beats, do you get royalties? Do producers deserve royalties from rappers if they're not investing money in promoting the songs? Pain 1 has a solution. Dame discusses management and why new apps and social media sites won't create more music careers.

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00:00 - Intro
01:27 - Dame is annoyed with Clubhouse again
02:20 - Do you need a manager or not?!
09:19 - Even stubborn ass Pain 1 needs a lot of help
11:54 - Managers help your relationships
14:58 - Social media and apps won't help your career
20:21 - Rappers don't want to pay producers their royalties
29:50 - Why producers deserve their royalties
30:50 - Recoupment for producer royalties
34:59 - Recoupment is too much work?
48:20 - Beats aren't babies. Let them go.

DJ Pain 1