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Secret Producer Town Hall Footage w/ Sonny Digital, Yung Lan, & DJ Toomp | CEO Morning Show #7

Ceo Morning Show LIVE Ep 7
Today I brought out some SECRET footage from the archives of our Producer Town Hall event back in November of 2019. Featuring Sonny Digital, Yung Lan, DJ Toomp, Karl Fowlkes & More

We brought in some viewers to comment on the conversation and even brought in entertainment attorney Karl Fowlkes at the end to update us on his thoughts on filing DMCA takedowns for songs you have not been paid for.

What To Do When You Get a Placement

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Time Stamps
00:00 Intro
02:22 Producergrind Discord
06:20 CEO Morning Show Website (ceomorningshow.com)
07:45 Beat Critiques and Team Producergrind Streams
11:02 What producers should do when they get a placement (Article by Karl Fowlkes)
21:43 Producer Town Hall Atlanta Segment
23:54 Town Hall Discussion 1: Expectations for splits, advances, points and publishing
27:42 DJ Toomp talks about splits
28:09 Dylan explains points and splits for publishing and masters
31:50 Town Hall Discussion 2: Advances on the master
41:44 Fetty Wap’s producer: Making 6 figure royalty checks
45:00 Sonny Digital: Valuing placements over the money
45:47 Getting creative with advances, re-investing money
51:20 Town Hall Discussion 3: The loop game
54:24 Zoom call with Samarie about producers using loops
58:31 How DJ Toomp feels about the loop game
59:59 Zoom with Busy Works Beats about loops and E myth book
01:04:05 Sonny Digital talks about controversy with Universal
01:10:08 What a producer should do if they don’t get paid on time
01:11:34 Zoom call with James about “All You Need to know About the Music Business” book
01:17:25 Zoom call with Nathaniel Lewis about taking down records and loops
01:20:04 Town hall Discussion 4: Take Downs
01:26:18 Zoom call with T-will on take downs
01:38:56 Karl Fowlkes Joins: Talks take downs
01:41:45 Dylan: Does a song blowing up increase your leverage for higher advances
01:44:00 Outro

DJ Toomp
Sonny Digital
Yung Lan