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In today's episode, I'm in Miami for Pass the Aux! "It doesn't matter how old you are... as music creators, that should be the goal. If you're worth a million dollars, or zero dollars, or if you're old or young, it doesn't matter." (00:00:01) "I feel like what you're doing is what we should all be doing. Which is, doing it because you're passionate, and trying to help people." (00:00:15) "I believe in the next 8 to 15 years, we are going to be using a lot of augmented reality." (00:00:33) "I think it's really important to be very clear. It's very very important to have that super vision, like a really clear picture in your mind" (00:01:08) "There's 7.7 billion humans on earth!" (00:01:40) "It's a big world. There is so much abundance." (00:02:13) "I have a couple nephews... 8 and 10 and they're at that age that's just MUSIC." (00:02:30) "A lot of artists nowadays don't know how to be produced." (00:03:30) "It would be good to work with other producers and learn how to be produced." (00:03:50) "Think about utilizing all of your different talents and be strategic" (00:04:15) "... a great way to network with people is choosing a city and figuring out what studios are popular in that city and then booking studio time there." (00:04:38) "A big thing that stops us from reaching success is fear." (00:05:00) "T-Racks! Look them up. That's what I personally use. Another cool mastering VST is by Steven Slate. Slate Digital is really good." (00:06:20) "How much money am I making at my day job and then compare to if I was making music full time... can I make more money making music than my day job?" (00:07:10)

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Illmind is a Grammy Nominated Multi-Platinum music producer, having produced records for Kanye West, Drake, J Cole, Future, Lil Uzi Vert, Hamilton on Broadway + music for film/tv including Disney & more. He is also a pioneer in the "producer drum-kit" marketplace with his popular drum kit series "BLAP-KITS".

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