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PabloBeats Kit Vol.1 Overview (READ THE DESCRIPTION !!!)

This Video just shows a small fraction of what is included in this Kit.
The Beat you hear in the Backround has been done completely with the sounds & Presets in this Kit.

The full version is 24.95$, you can buy it through the Paypal store on my Website:


You can download the Demo Version if you want to get an Idea of the quality first:


191 Kicks
137 Claps & Snares
55 Cymbals & Hats
11 Mixer Presets
1 FLP for a beat I made
Countless Loops & One shot samples with Tempo and Pitch Info
Lots of presets for Sytrus, Sawer & Poizone
A 1.3 gigabybe (!!!) Library for Direct Wave, most of the sounds Included have been sampled directly from my Motif XF.

Pablo Beats