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!LLMIND Talks Producer Mindset Gems YOU NEED TO HEAR, Financial Skills, Bad Publishing Deals + More

Illmind Interview on the Producergrind Podcast. We had !llmind pull up on us in Atlanta for the exclusive interview. We talked about his come up starting in 2005 and the struggle of how long it took him to get placements as a producer. He dropped some BIG GEMS on how to keep a positive mindset and how to come up with a plan as a producer but still be able to go with the flow by having patience and faith.

He spilled more PRODUCER GEMS on what a bad publishing deal looks like and the importance of making good financial moves with any money you receive as a producer.

1:04 First Time Making Beats

3:15 Illmind Making beats In Pro Tools

7:18 Real Life Networking and Connecting With Peers

14:07 Train You Mind To Respond Positively

22:00 Setting Specific Goals and Letting Go of Control
- Finding Purpose

29:13 Working with Jay-Z and Beyonce
- Production Credit

32:39 The Growth of The Producer Community
- G-Unit's Major Role
- Collaboration
- Drum Kits

43:10 Using Sample Loops as a Crutch?

45:39 OFFICAL !LLMIND Blapkits x Producergrind Melody Sample Pack

- Download: http://bit.ly/illgrind

46:15 Expanding To Being More Than a Producer

48:26 Signing a Bad Publishing Deal (MDRC)
- No Lawyer
- MDRC Pub Deal
- Example of Things To Watch Out For
- Examples of Good Deals

58:03 The MOST IMPORTANT part of the Podcast
- Producer Business Advice
- Producer Financial Advice
- Step by Step
- Taxes
- Investments

1:10:45 If you STARTED OVER TOMORROW what would you do?

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