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!llmind Opens Flood Gates! How Producers Can Make $$$ With NFT Sample Packs & Crypto NOW in 2021

Producergrind Podcast 2021 Ep 2 - Illmind
We talk about
- What is an NFT?
- How to sell NFT sample packs
- SECRET TIPS for Making money with NFTs without having any fans or followers!
- Illmind Alorium NFT Sample Pack
- BeatRaiders NFT
- Selling NFTs vs Selling Beats Online & Sample Packs
- illmind getting a placement with Guapdad & producing album

New Illmind interview 2021 talking about what are NFTs aka non fungible tokens and its potential use for creatives, especially for the music producer community in 2021.

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00:00​ Intro
01:59​ !llmind explains what NFTs are and how they work
09:29​ Rights to send beats out when you buy an NFT sample pack
13:11​ How !llmind got into NTFs, transitioning from scaling, taking risks, producers diving into NTFs
16:59​ What could be dangerous from creatives jumping into NFTs
19:56​ Dylan’s take on NTF collectibles “Mintables” and !llminds take on what makes things valuable
24:56​ What young producers could do to educate themselves on NFTs
26:44​ Using NFTs to bet on yourself, setting royalties on NFTs
32:21​ Artists using NFTs to sell the rights to publish their songs, volatility in NFT space
35:54​ NBA top shot moments translating to the producer/music industry
37:49​ Platforms to use to mint “Mintable”
39:29​ “Beatmaker” Producergrind NFT
40:55​ !llmind’s project with Guapdad and connecting with artists on 88 Rising/Paradise Rising
45:04​ How !llmind plans on balancing being a brand new parent and producing music
46:29​ !llmind’s next NFT release
47:36​ Outro