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J-rum - Nexus 2 XP - "Dubstep-Electro Vol. 2" Review [HD]

Published on Apr 3, 2013
So...I have been waiting for Refx to drop the Dubstep-Electro Vol. 2 XP for a while now, Im pretty sure your in the same boat as me. If your searching for grungy basses, stereo shaking wubs & leads to create almost instant inspiration...then make sure to check out this expansion. Im back with another expansion review, This is the DEV2 XP is for
Nexus 2, and its is top notch! If your looking for more tutorials, and found this one useful please head over to the subscribe tab & and subscribe to my channel. Thumbs up and comments would be great also!

I would rate this a solid 10 outta 10!!

Please support reFX and actually purchase a license, stop pirating, or sooner or later there will be no good products out. #SupportYourVSTs

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Huge shout out to TechSmith!

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