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How To Sell Beats in 2021: Beatstars Tricks And Promo

Can you sell beats online in 2021 without YouTube? Yes. Top selling producers @Anywaywell Beats​ explain how they use Beatstars integrations and promotions to sell beats every single day, share which kinds of ads have worked best for them and explain why they focus on quality over quantity.

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00:00​ - Intro
01:02​ - Selling Beats Was Rare in Russia
01:59​ - Quality over Quantity
03:22​ - How Many Beats Should You Start With?
05:16​ - It Took Two Years To Make Money From Beats
07:51​ - Cost of Living is Low in Russia
10:22​ - Buy 1 get 9 Free Beats
14:18​ - 14 Million Plays
18:00​ - You Don't Need YouTube to Sell Beats
18:30​ - Beatstars Promotion Works!
23:58​ - Listening to Popular Beats Helps
26:23​ - The Best Beatstars Ads
32:17​ - Change Your Attitude About Selling Beats
34:35​ - How to Grown Your Beatstars Followers
40:18​ - Make Better Beats - Here's How
45:48​ - Beatstars/Sony ATV Publishing Deal
47:47​ - Getting a Synch Placement from Beatstars/Sony
50:28​ - Promoting Beats on YouTube

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