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FL Studio 20.8 ZGE & SliceX Video Sample Chopping?! Remix Memes! Tik Tok/Instagram

A video tutorial on how to sample chop remix videos (like famous memes) using SliceX & FL Studio's Zgame Editor Visualizer (aka ZGE). This is a great way to to express creativity & promote your music on social media. Everyone should know it's important to stand out from everyone & it's better to use trending topics (especially popular video clips). I show you how to search for videos, rip them from social media, convert them, chop the sample, & how to use them inside of FL Studio. Also, I cover some of the things left out of Image-lines official video that left people puzzled. Tell me how you feel about this video in the comments!

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I used footage from a talented musician & Tik Tok
creator "KnockSquared" sub to his YouTube channel

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0:00 intro
0:13 finding memes, ripping them, converting, etc
1:37 SliceX tips
3:09 ZGE tips & tricks
4:05 how to use layer & midi out channels
5:32 how to export your videos for Tik Tok or IG
6:41 so here's the final product!
7:26 final thoughts

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