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FL Key Mini Boom Bap Beat Making Review

Novation's FL Key Mini MK3 is a midi controller dedicated for FL Studio beat makers or music producers. I buy one to see if it could live up to the "hype". However, it seems to be decent at best! Novation does a great job of intergrading workflow & functionality. The FL Key mini is fairly low in price & portable. I'll walk you thru the basic setup & make a boom bap style beat. Let me know how you feel in the comments.

FL Key Mini Sweetwater link: https://imp.i114863.net/9WjPve
zZounds link: https://www.zzounds.com/item--NOVFLKEYMINI?siid=317073/a--3973043
Amazon link: https://amzn.to/3rBJOZq
Drums used: https://djavemcree.net/product/303469

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All beats are produced by DJ Ave Mcree
This beat tape was mixed by DJ Ave Mcree & Mastered by LANDR

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0:00 summary
1:10 unboxing & first look
2:17 I/O
2:37 vs Launch Key Mini
4:49 vs Launchkey 25 MK3
5:07 setting it up
6:41 pad test & tips
8:33 boom bap beat making tips
11:44 laying down melody
12:23 scale mode
13:06 mixing functions
13:25 channel rack mode
13:55 note repeat & gripe
15:06 rating

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DJ Ave McRee