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Don’t Make These Types of Beats (Selling Beats Online 2022)

If you're selling beats online, do you have to make certain types of beats that sell better than others? Homage, a top selling producer who makes classic sounding beats, explains why you shouldn't make certain types of beats, talks beat selling tips and strategies and starting a new beat selling YouTube channel.

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00:00 - Intro
00:49 - Don't Make These Kinds of Beats
03:48 - Make Beats You Like, Not Trendy Beats
06:14 - Quitting my Job to Sell Beats
08:40 - Which Beats Sell the Best?
10:53 - HOW to Quit Your Job to Sell Beats
16:52 - Not Wanting to Make Type Beats
23:01 - Putting Beats on Spotify
31:35 - When is a Beat Finished?
39:10 - Trash Beats Help us Learn
43:41 - Starting a New YouTube Channel

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