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Bobby Kritical Talks Studio Sessions With Artists, Necessary Distractions & More

Bobby Kritical Interview on the Producergrind Podcast. Shout out to Bobby for pulling up to talk music business. In this interview we ask him about his come up, getting placements with major artists, beat making habits, advice for producers, selling beats on his online beat store & a lot more. This is the last episode of 2019. Happy New Year to the viewers, we appreciate you watching, subscribing, commenting & supporting! Lot of dope guests lined up for 2019... Stay Tuned.

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1:24 Introduction into Producing
3:21 First Major Artist Bobby worked with
4:08 Process of Charging for beats
6:11 Differences producing in 2008 and now
7:55 Which is more powerful social media or in person?
8:28 What to do when you get invited to a studio session with artists?
10:26 Advice to your younger self
11:17 Email Beats or In person?
13:26 Linking with DjPlugg
14:57 Being influenced by EDM Music
18:31 Did EDM help usher in the Festival Movement?
21:18 Screamo Trap music?
23:23 Biggest influences musically
24:08 Who invented trap?
28:53 Why have Zay and Gucci stayed more relevant than Jeezy and Shawty Redd?
30:46 Alcohol and making beats??
32:40 Whats the longest it has taken you to make a beat?
34:25 Mindset going into making beats
39:09 Labeling Beats
40:13 Is there necessary distraction for producers?
42:50 Online Beats Store & Selling Beats online
45:50 Figuring out what type of producer you are (In-person vs Online)
47:00 Working closely with KCamp
48:30 Advice for all producers and artists
49:22 What stops artists from dropping music when going through label issues?
50:25 Working with Lil Uzi and having records leaked
52:15 Random Questions
- (52:33) Whats your favorite place to be in the entire world?
- (53:12) Is the Illuminati Real?
- (53:55) If you had the worlds attention for 30 Seconds, what would you say?
- (54:20) Whats your New Years resolution?

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