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Best & Worst VST Plugins(Synths & Effects) of 2020!

The "Best & Worst' series is back. Let's talk about VST plugin (Synth's & Effects) that are good & bad! Every does "Top 5 best VST's" or "5 Plugins You Should Own" video. I'm turning it up a notch and speaking the truth. All the plugin in this video work on both Windows & Mac (in all DAW's). Also, check my playlist for full reviews because I'm not previewing everyone of these in this video. Let me know which is your favorite & non favorite of 2020.

check out the review here

0:00 intro
1:20 Busy Works Beats Hermes Synth
2:42 Beats by the Pound VST
3:46 Nexus 3
4:45 Korg Triton VST
5:50 Arturia Analog Lab V (version 8)
6:29 Reason Studio Rack plugin
7:30 Scaler 2
8:29 Hexachord Orb Producer Suite
9:06 Audiomodern Playbeat
9:59 Sugarbytes Drumcomputer
10:47 Steinberg Backbone VST
11:28 Initial 808 Studio 2
12:33 Vital
13:40 DJ Swivel The Sauce
14:50 Kyle Beats Drip VST
15:48 Thenatan Underwater Drake it VST
16:49 Wave Audio OVOX
18:19 Output Thermal
19:05 Fabfilter Saturn 2
19:41 Cableguys Driveshaper
20:37 iZotope Neoverb
21:43 Ujam Finisher NEO
22:46 final thoughts

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