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Beat Selling Problems + Fans Attacking Latto (MEC Podcast 144)

Are beat selling problems such as PayPal chargebacks and international payments going to be solved with crypto and NFTs? Dame explains why they will not. Also, Latto is getting heat from so-called fans for only selling out 1000-3000 capacity venues on tour. Why is this a symptom of a deeper problem with the music business?

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00:00 - Intro
00:58 - Lessons From SXSW
04:58 - Artists Aren't Even Trying
08:43 - Artists Have Resources, Period
13:26 - Networking Gems
17:20 - Latto Getting Criticized
21:15 - Women Rappers Face Obstacles
26:03 - Touring is HARD
35:08 - Getting Your Masters Back From the Labels
39:53 - Taylor Swift Taught us the Music Business
41:05 - Major Labels Doing the Right Thing?!
43:52 - NFT Misinformation

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