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Arturia V Collection 8 + AKAI MPC Live ii = Fire Beats(VST)

Arturia V collection 8 adds 3 new plugins & updates the older iterations. I'm making beats using the AKAI MPC Live ii & the MPC software. it comes with 28 instruments (which are emulations of vintage hardware). The biggest pro of having a collection like this is the quality presets. However, the only real con is the massive CPU hit (if you have an older quadcore processor). I have the latest Intel core i7-9750H hexcore 12 threads laptop from Lenovo (model # Y540). So my computer can handle it without an issue. Tell me how you feel about it? Is it worth it or nah? Leave a comment below!

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if you own the Arturia V collection 7 you might want to upgrade here

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get an MPC Live ii (special edition) here
or the original version


0:00 intro
0:44 making a beat
2:50 quick DAW tips for navigation
3:30 exploring the new plugin & presets
8:36 pro's & con's

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