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Are Producers and Songwriters Getting Spotify Royalties? (MEC Podcast ep 92)

Spotify says more artists are making money from their streaming platform. What about producers and songwriters? Who is getting paid royalties from streaming and how much does it matter for unsigned artists as a whole? We talk numbers, the real payout of streams and why artists probably shouldn't focus on these numbers to begin with.

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00:00​ - Intro
02:39​ - King LOS Clubhouse Controversy
05:37​ - Pain Mocks and Attacks a Producer??
10:35​ - We're Forced to use Clickbait
13:37​ - Spotify is Paying More?!
17:58​ - Very Few Artists Make Money off Streaming
19:45​ - The REAL Problem is Social Media Algorithms
22:56​ - Producers and Songwriters Get Screwed?!
27:28​ - Selling CDs out of Trunks in 2021?
29:14​ - Music Careers Have ALWAYS Been Hard
30:25​ - Why Make Music if Most Musicians Fail?
37:22​ - Do NOT Focus on Streams

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