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Apple MacBook Air M1 2020! Good For Music Production?

The MacBook Air M1 was released late November 2020 sporting Apples new Silicon. Is it good for music production? The answer is yes but it's complicated. Their company been fighting an issue of rehashing old tech each year with little improvement. Now we'll get to see if the cheapest (newest) MacBook Air can handle tuff task like streaming video with OBS, making beats, software compatibility & editing video (as I edited this video using Final Cut Pro X). Spoil Alert, it did very well & even exceeds the performance of the $6000 maxed out MacBook Pro Intel processors! Here is the best part. The MacBook Pro 14 & 16 will sport the newest ARM based processor too! So what am I saying? Well, I enjoy my new MB Air laptop but there's caveats. The biggest con is the screen size (and you can only plug up one additional monitor. That includes using a dongle). The other is the lack of I/O (only 2 Thunderbolt 3 ports but at least you get a headphone jack). It's kind of a fair trade off for portability reasons but you'll have more options later this year. How do you feel about this review? Please leave a comment below!

my MacBook
I have the 8 gigs 256 SSD model (yeah, I know lol)
I personally recommend getting the 16 gigs of ram & 512 SSD

my dongle

my airpods

my loop back drivers

my iphone

my NDI drivers & app

0:00​ meme & intro
0:41​ unboxing experience of Apple Products
2:00​ first impression, track pad, screen, keyboard, etc
3:22​ Software issues & OBS stuff
4:20​ Ableton Live, Logic Pro, & FL Studio test (with plugins)
12:25​ pros & cons

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