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All Drum Kits Sound The Same (Decap Interview)

Do all drum kits sound the same because they're full of recycled drums? Not all. Decap, the creator of Drums That Knock, talks making the most popular drum kit on Splice, selling beats and getting placements and gives lots of advice to producers on how to find success in the music business.

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00:00 - Intro
00:39 - Sampling is Easier Today
03:45 - Loopmakers
05:02 - First Placement with G-Unit
06:40 - Career Changes
11:14 - The Hardest Drum Kit
12:47 - Some People Criticized Drums That Knock
16:05 - Quitting Job to Make Beats
21:02 - Producers HAVE to Learn the Business
28:55 - Drums That Knock
31:48 - All Drum Kits are Recycled?!
35:43 - We Don't Need Another Zay 808, But...
37:36 - Becoming a Top Seller on Splice
42:16 - Making a Plug-In is Hard
47:58 - Do You Get Royalties for Drum Kits?
52:45 - Can You be a Successful Producer and Have a Day Job?

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