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AKAI MPC Producer has a Fresh Take on Reason Studio

I'm checking out Reason Studios for the first time! I didn't read anything or watch a video. I'm more into the AKAI MPC stuff but like to try new things. So the stuggle is real!!! Let me know how you feel about Reason as a DAW?

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0:00 intro
0:25 learning the UI
0:55 what are racks?
1:30 checking out a drum rack MIDI stuff
1:47 bpm, time signatures,quantize, etc
2:12 recording and editing a drum track
6:00 recording a chord progression
6:22 adding a bassline
6:52 changing velocity
7:11 tweaking the bass patch
7:59 the piano rack is cool
8:25 mixing stuff
9:38 well arranging stuff is quick!
10:12 final thoughts pros and cons

#Reason #MPC #DAW

DJ Ave McRee