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AKAI Force 3.0.5 - How To Chop Samples (Hip hop)

An AKAI Force tutorial video about how to sample in the latest firmware version 3.0.5. This is a detailed walkthru from start to finish. Sample chopping with this standalone unit is a dream come true! However, it's much different than the MPC series! So be warned! It's not a difficult task but a different one. Let me know what you want to see next video? Please leave a comment below!

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0:00 intro
0:58 how to use the sampler (for sampling vinyl, etc)
3:47 how to edit samples (sample chopping)
7:02 let's make a beat (it's trash!)
9:30 how to load loops & chop them
11:54 let's make a beat again (it's meh!)
12:11 how to edit pitch (bonus tip)
12:55 bonus tips
13:48 final thoughts

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