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2021 Plans & AKAI MPC Live ii Reggaeton Beatmaking? Ableton Live Mixing

Live Stream talking about plans in 2021, AKAI MPC Live ii Reggaetón beatmaking, & mixing songs in Ableton Live! Let me know what you plan on doing in 2021!?!

Support the stream: https://streamlabs.com/avemcree1

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0:00 intro & shout outs to the early gang
5:19 chat Q&A talk, recognition, & 2021 plans
1:11:58 reggaeton beatmaking attempt & fail
1:46:34 reggaeton beat #2 (it's ok)
2:15:16 finished beat but it's trash lol
2:20:41 reggaeton x dance hall beat (getting warmer)
2:30:19 drum synth sound design (808 from scratch)
2:46:25 melody tips & tracks and how random events work
3:03:55 finished beat that's decent (sort of)
3:07:21 talking trash with the chat
3:16:45 making my 4th beat (it's meh)

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DJ Ave McRee