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Worst thing that can happen to you as a producer is to realize that one or more of your beats have been transformed in a new product and used in commercial or non-commercial applications, without your knowledge or approval.

Your beat was practically stolen!

2 Ways your instrumentals can be stolen:

a) With a software that can download the beat directly from instrumental selling websites, beat stores or youtube. (many times after listening to a beat the mp3 file will remain in the browsers cache folder and can be simply copied without the need of additional software.

Jaye Neutron talks about his Voice Tags

Published on Jan 22, 2014
Order a custom made voice tags for your beats, mixes, or mixtapes! Go to jayeneutron.com to order!

Non-Exclusive Beats:
~ 1 - $25.00
~ 3 - $65.00
~ 5 - $100.00

Exclusive Beats:
~ e-mail me at [email protected] if you're serious about purchasing an exclusive track. Exclusive beats ARE NOT posted online.

Signature Tag Creator: Voice Tags are only $35! Male vocals only! I've done voice tags for Sonny Digital, the producers of 808 Mafia, Kirko bangz and over 200+ music producers & DJ's! Go to jayeneutron.com and order today!

Jaye Neutron