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Drum Programming Tips: How to make your drums sound “Live”

Nowadays it’s easy to create a quick drum loop with all the different programs available (Pro Tools, Logic, FL Studio etc). Within a few seconds you can click and drag any drum pattern you got in mind. The only “problem” is that most of the time the drums sound computerized and don’t got that human live feel/sound to it. Instead of having that bounce/groove it just sounds real static.

Fortunately there are a bunch of ways to (re-)create that feel/sound or at least make it sound as live as possible, just by using your ears and spending some extra time on your drum programming.

Free 808 Bass VST Tutorial + Download

Free download of a tuned 808 bass vst you can play with your midi controller.

Download the plugin (ERS Drums): http://www.bostreammail.net/ers/ersdrums.html

Not sure how to install the VST?

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