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Djay Cas on producing 'Catching Flights' at Patchwerk Studios - Loopcloud Creator Stories

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Witness Djay Cas on a visit to the legendary Patchwerk Studios in Atlanta, as he demonstrates Loopcloud DRUM's intuitive features and shares his thoughts on pushing Hip Hop culture forward.

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Djay Cas

The Legend DJ Toomp talks the state of the Music Industry & his work with T.I. Jay Z and Kanye West!

Thanks to DJ Toomp for stopping by and giving insight on his early music career and giving major insight on his work the musical legends T.I., Jay z, and Kanye West. And, he gives major game on the state of the Music Industry!

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DJ Toomp

Tone P in ATL on Wale Ambition Album

Studio flow in ATL finishing up on Wale's Ambition album... video features Wale, Dj Toomp, Tone P, Dondria, Donte Jones, Jarret Jacke, Kevin Ross etc. Make sure yall

Tone P