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S-X making a beat #FromScratch [S2, Episode 2]

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5mentarios Beat Making Vol.1

5mentarios Making a West Coast Beat in 2 minutes.

5mentarios Beats

How to Make A Beat: West Coast Type

Uploaded on Feb 15, 2011
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Expert: Spyda "The Wise Musician"

Bio: Spyda "The Wise Musician" is a Professional R&B/Hip Hop Music Producer

Filmmaker: Loud City Films

Ty Cody In Studio Making a West Coast Beat

Something I was working on the other night, thought I would share some music with you. The upcoming series will be more entertaining with commentary, but I wanted this one to get to the point. Enjoy and share with your friends!

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Ty Cody

Stuart B making a West Coast hip hop beat! ** FOR SALE**

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What's up guys? Haven't put up a beat making video in a while so decided to do one today, this time with a 'west coast' hip hop beat. Also didn't have my lovely girlfriend with me today to help me change the camera angles and whatnot so you guys are stuck with one boring angle :P Musics still good tho!

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- Stuart B Productions

Stuart B.

Battlecat Gives Producers Valuable Advice Pt. 2/2

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