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Could "SmplTrek" be The Drum Sampler of the Future?

SmplTrek is a portable drum sampler from Sonicware that's pushing the envelope in features for only $300!!! That's right! This sampler could give companies like AKAI, Native Instruments, Novation, Roland, etc a "run for the money"! I'm reacting to their trailer video, talking about the specs, and comparing it to my huge collection of drum samplers. I want to hear from you guys in the comments. I bought mine!

check out Sonicware's kick starter here

check out Sonicware's YouTube channel!

DJ Ave McRee

MPC ONE & SP404 MK2 Dilla LoFi Boom Bap slap Beatmaking Performance

I made a dope beat with the AKAI MPC ONE & used the SP-404mk2 for lofi on the live stream the other day. I wanted to share these vibes with the world! Thanks for all the support & I mean that with all of my heart.

full stream with chapters

samples used

Buy an MPC ONE here

Buy a SP404 MK2 here

DJ Ave McRee

Roland SP-404MKII A Hip Hop Producer Review

Roland SP 404 MK 2 is a rehash of the classic! However, there are several quality of life changes like: OLED screen with waveforms, velocity sensitive pads, sample chopping, improve I/O, new sample editor app, & more!!! You can even change the face plate easier & customize the loading screen!!! I'll walk you thru the new features. Plus, weigh in on the pros & cons. Let me know how you feel in the comments!

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or here

DJ Ave McRee