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sell music masterclass review

The Truth Behind Why I Teach | Finally Addressing The Question

If I'm so successful in the music industry, why do I teach? This is a question that I've been getting for years and I think it's finally time I answer those who have been asking.

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Adam Ivy

Music Career or Music Hobby? | The Secret To Doing Music FULL TIME

In order to make music a career you need to start looking at it as a business. The music industry is made up of countless music based businesses which includes artists, producers, labels, and the list goes on. Are you doing music as a hobby or is it actually your career? There is a massive structural difference that separates the hobbyists from the professionals. In this video I break down the perspective shift required to find success in doing music as a career.

Adam Ivy

Making Music For Film + Movie Trailers | RAPID Career Growth with Jon Mohr

Making music for film, movie trailers, and video games is something that seems impossible when first getting started as a producer and composer, but that didn't slow down my student Jon Mohr. From dabbling with small projects and struggling to find his footing, Jon came to me looking for structure and a system that would help him to go full time in less time. Overcoming obstacles, building confidence, and developing his name in the space, Jon has rapidly growth his career and he's just getting started.

Adam Ivy