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How to make a Kodak Black type beat in FL Studio | Make beats faster!

This is how me and @jefesue_ made a Kodak Black type beat in FL Studio. We used a few kits from my store!

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How "Epic" is the Captain Plugins VST?

Mixed in Key dropped a pretty huge update to their Captain Plugins bundle. Which includes Chords, Beats (drum lines), Bass (bka Deep), and more. I'll try Chords & Deep in FL Studio (it works in Ableton Live, Logic X, and few other DAWS on both Windows & MacOSX). Let me know how you feel about it in the comments below.

social media: https://linktr.ee/avemcree
Captain Plugins Epic: https://mixedinkey.com/get-captain-epic/
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BGM: https://youtu.be/BaNwxyVsiE4
my favorite drum sampler: https://www.zzounds.com/item--AKAMPCLIVE2XL/a--3973043

DJ Ave McRee

The Free Kia Instrument VST Plugin is Back! or Is It?!?

The free Kia Instrument is a VST plugin for both Windows & MacOSX (works in all DAWs). The original version was taken down due to possible trademark infringements but they did some minor tweaking. However, it's still a mono synth (sadly). I do enjoy the reorganization of the patches. It seems more useful than last time. What do you think??

social media: https://linktr.ee/avemcree
KIA Instrument: https://worldwide.kia.com/int/sounds-in-nature/our-instrument
Drums used: https://www.thempcstore.com/mpc-expansions/neo-sunset.html
DAW Used: https://www.thempcstore.com/mpc-software

DJ Ave McRee

Enhancing Drums With Percussive Loops! Borsta VST Plugin

Borsta is a brush style percussive loop VST plugin that works on both Windows & MacOSX (in all DAWs)! It can basically enhance simple drum lines using one finger. I'll demonstrate it using the MPC Live 2 & the MPC software (both trap & house). Borsta has tons of presets & can be manipulated too. My only complaint is the degree of difficulty on the sequencer & wonky tempo hosting (very noticeable in the MPC software but not game breaking. Let me know how you feel in the comments!


DJ Ave McRee

Free VST Plugin That Breaks Music Theory!! Ripchord

Ripchord is a free VST plugin (for both Windows & MacOSX) that literally breaks music theory. A follow content creator by the name of Musician Paradise created some soulful chord progressions for free! It's easy to use & works in all DAWS (except Reason for now). Check it out & let me know how you feel in the comments!

get Ripchord here

check out Musician Paradise's chord packs (they are free too!)

download my free Kaytranada drum kit (for a limited time)

get Cassette here

DJ Ave McRee

How To Make Easy Hi Hat Patterns in Seconds! Thenatan Hatz VST Plugin Tips

Thenatan Hatz is a VST Plugin (for both Windows & MacOSX) that helps you create easy hi hat patterns in seconds!!! I'll demonstrate how it works in FL Studio 20.9 (but it works in all DAWS). It's essentially a note repeater sampler based plugin. It's obvious that Thenatan was inspired by hardware based production functions like "note repeat" on the AKAI MPC. Which makes it a great companion for Image-line FL Studio. Let me know what you think in the comments!

get it here (on sale for $20 until 1/31/2022!)

DJ Ave McRee

My Drums Didn't Knock!! VST Plugin Review

DECAP Pluginsthatknock is a VST plugin for drums. The Knock plugin has a few trick up it's sleeve! Will it make your drums knock? Please leave a comment below.

get it here

0:00 intro
1:00 the website checks out
2:07 brief UI overview
2:32 drum example & doodling
5:05 turn kicks into hard 808's????
5:38 this plugin seems familiar???
6:19 preset tour
7:22 more about the UI functions
8:21 oversampling quality & CPU usage
9:53 pros & cons

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DJ Ave McRee

CableGuys Noise Shaperbox VST! The LOFI Plugin or Just Another?

Cable Guys Noise Shaperbox is a lofi VST plugin (for both Windows & Apple computers). It works in all DAWs too! It adds character to drums, samples, synths, & more. So can it be "just another lofi plugin"? Leave a comment below!

get it here (demo version available!)

0:00 intro
1:00 audio example (on the master bus)
2:29 what is Noise Shaper?
2:58 brief overview of features (drum example)
4:34 using Noise Shaper on a different beat
4:45 drum example 2
5:08 tips & tricks
7:23 multiband lofi!?!

DJ Ave McRee

"Essence" Mix Engineer / Multi-Platinum Producer, Leandro "Dro" Hidalgo - Pensado's Place #524

He's one of our own and has the hottest song of the summer - "Essence" by WizKid. Please welcome to the Place, Multi-Platinum Producer / Mix Engineer, Leandro "Dro" Hidalgo!
Sweetwater Sound Advice with Rachel Leonard
Topic: Phase
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Dave Pensado