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Free Banging 808 Pack! MPC Live & FL Studio Beat Making

BANG is a free 808 library pack created by Ocean Veau. It's on our new website called 6teen Levels (pronounced 16 levels). I'll demonstrate it on the AKAI MPC Live 2 & in FL Studio. It works in all DAWs (Both Windows & MacOSX). It's available now for a limited time only!

BANG! 808 Library: https://6teenlevels.com/collections/free-downloads
Electra 2 bank: https://6teenlevels.com/products/v-a-l-i-s-electra2
My social media & gear list: https://linktr.ee/avemcree
BGM: https://youtu.be/BaNwxyVsiE4

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DistroKid: http://distrokid.com/vip/avemcree

DJ Ave McRee

AKAI MPC 2.11 Tuner, Amp Sim, & Guitar Sampling Looper Tips

Here's the new AKAI MPC tuner & amp sim in action for the 2.11 firmware OS update. I'll show you some extremely basic tips on how to use a guitar with the MPC. That includes using it in standalone with & without an audio interface. I'm very excited about the future of dawless production. The new firmware update's coming out June 23rd 2022!

My social media & gear list: https://linktr.ee/avemcree
BGM: https://youtu.be/BaNwxyVsiE4

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DJ Ave McRee

The New AKAI MPC 2.11 Firmware OS Update is FIRE!

The new AKAI MPC 2.11 is fire (and will be available publicly June, 23rd 2022)! This is for all the current generation MPC's (ONE, Live, Live II, & X). I'm using the MPC Live 2 retro edition (check out my zZounds.com gear list for details). I'll demonstrate all the new features step by step. I want to know what is your favorite new features in this update & suggestions in the comments.

AKAI Website: https://www.akaipro.com/
(it's free for all registered MPC users)
My social media & gear list: https://linktr.ee/avemcree
BGM: https://youtu.be/BaNwxyVsiE4

DJ Ave McRee

This MPC Expansion is Soulful AF! Neo Sunset Beat Making

I'm checking out AKAI's new MPC expansion called "Neo Sunset". Which fills the void of the late 90s hip hop/boombap sound (ex. J.Dilla's hip hop neo soul style). So, let's make a beat & explore some of the sounds! Let me know what you think?

My social media: https://linktr.ee/avemcree
Neo Sunset: https://www.thempcstore.com/mpc-expansion-packs/neo-sunset.html

Stream "Machine Learning" anywhere: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/djavemcree/machine-learning
Listen on YouTube: https://youtu.be/BaNwxyVsiE4

DJ Ave McRee

MPC Live 2(ONE, X) 808 Beginners Guide(Gliding, Importing, etc.)

Here's an 808 bass beginners (& advanced) guide for the AKAI MPC LIVE ii, X, or ONE. I'll show you how to import, change, mix, glide, one shot, and flip 808's. I'm using the key group program to load my 808s inside the MPC LIVE. All of the stuff in this video applies to all current generation MPC drum samplers. Make sure to update the MPC firmware to 2.10 if you haven't already. Here's the video https://youtu.be/b9GcixzF3kc or https://youtu.be/KHN7beN4WtA

free Pierre Bourne inspired 808s here

if you like those 808s then check these out!

DJ Ave McRee

MPC ONE - Connecting MIDI Devices & Recording Hardware Workflow Tips

A video about how to connect, use, & record external hardware synths to the AKAI MPC ONE, Live, or X. These workflow tips will broaden your use of the MPC in standalone or with the software! There are 2 types of hardware synths. So it's important that you watch the whole video in it's entirety. Leave a comment below if you have any questions.

*Synths used in this video*
Sonicware Liven
Sonicware Liven Xfm (not in the video but it's an updated version)

Arturia Microfreak

DJ Ave McRee

MPC Live II Pad Thai 2 Boombap Beatmaking & Sampling Cookin Soul

Boom bap beat making using the AKAI MPC expansion called "Pad Thai 2" by Marco Polo. I'm sampling Cookin Soul's new "Supreme Cookin" pack (available at Drum Brokers). The drums are new and crispy. Not to mention Cookin Soul's sample pack isn't bad at all! I'm using my trusty MPC Live 2 & getting back to basics. I'll demonstrate the sounds & make 2 beats. Let me know how you feel by leaving a comment below!

get Pad Thai here

get Cookin Soul's "Supreme Cookin" here

DJ Ave McRee

AKAI MPC LIVE Beatmaking Labyrinth Expansion & CMP Vices Sampling

Labyrinth is a key group expansion for the AKAI MPC Live 2, Live, X, ONE, Studio, & software. I'll preview the sound & do some beat making. Also, I'll preview CMP's "Vices" sample pack & make some heat with it too. AKAI still has a sale on their expansion until the end of December 2021. So hurry up and check it out. Let me know how you feel about these sounds in the comment section.

get it here

check out my favorite MPC expansions video here

Check out CMP's "Vices" sample pack here

DJ Ave McRee

AKAI MPC How To Separate Drum Program Tracks Explode(ONE, X, Live ii)2.10

AKAI MPC 2.10 how to separate a drum program with the track explode option. It works on all current generation MPC's (ONE, X, or Live 2). Make sure you check out all my playlist below for more videos!

Marco Polo & Soul Provider 3 for (best boombap drums period!)

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DJ Ave McRee

AKAI MPC 808 Sound Design Tips(Live ii, X, One Firmware 2.10)

AKAI MPC 808 sound design tips for the Live, Live 2, X, & ONE. You need to update your MPC firmware to version 2.10 (how to install it here https://youtu.be/b9GcixzF3kc ). I'll show you how to make an 808 from scratch using the Drum Synth MPC plugin, auto sample it, & layer it with a kick!

my 808 pack
How 808s Are Bourne (808s and Sublab Presets)

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