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Anybody can be a Mastering Engineer with AI

Mastering music with artificial intelligence is a controversial topic! Many people believe that a computer isn't good enough to do certain task. If I was a betting man. . We use artificial intelligence to answer our phone, facial recognition, look up information, write books, and in a not so distant future. Driving autonomously will be perfected. However, the music community believes neural networking can't master a song? I don't think people know or understand how much artificial intelligence has shaped their rational & subconscious mind (see the Netflix docu called "Cambridge Analytica")

DJ Ave McRee

LANDR FX VST Plugin Suite Worth Your Time?

The LANDR FX suite is a collection of 5 plugins for Windows & MacOSX that works in all DAW's. These VST's are named as followed: Acoustic, Bass, Beats, Electric, & Voice. This collection booast over 100's of presets ready for your music. Plus a simple UI for ease of use. I'll demonstrate how to use them & give tips. Also, I'll compare them to similar products and break down the value. It cost $99 but there is a free 7 day trial. Let me know in the comments if you have plans of trying this.

get it here $99 (free 7 day trial)

CLA Vocals

DJ Ave McRee

LANDR Chromatic | Output Arcade Has Real Competition!

LANDR Chromatic is a sampler based VST plugin that's free to use! Output Arcade has real competition in the subscription based sampler service! Unlike Output Arcade, you're not forced into entering your credit card to use it! However, there's a paid version that gives you unlimited samples, loops, or what LANDR calls "sets". I'll demonstrate how to use it & give you some tips. Let me know how you feel in the comments.

get it here (you can actually use it for free!)

my MIDI keyboard with all the tricks

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