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These Portal By Output Presets Do Insane Stuff to One Shots

Portal by Output is a granular VST effect for all DAWs (Both Windows & Mac) and these presets are Insane! One shot wav files start hitting "different" once you apply the presets from Sound Creative bka Ocean Veau. I want to show you the different ways to improve your sound design using it in FL Studio. You can get's them on our website 6teenlevels.com.

BECOM3 presets: https://6teenlevels.com/products/becom3-portal
ETERNAL presets: https://6teenlevels.com/products/eternal-portal
MOTIONS presets: https://6teenlevels.com/products/motions-portal

DJ Ave McRee

How to Use PORTAL VST | Output Portal Tutorial 2022

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How to Use PORTAL VST | Output Portal Tutorial 2022

Noah Cuz demonstrates how to use Portal by Output, and how to apply this effect to your samples in FL Studio 2022.

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