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SmplTrek Drum Sampler Update! Sample Editor & Looper Demo

Here's an update on Sonicware's SmplTrek sampling & looper capabilities. I'm reacting to 3 video of it in action. The early bird kickstarter is ending soon. So you better hurry up and get it while it's at a low price (I bought mine for $300). Release date is set for September 2022! What do you think about this?

My social media: https://linktr.ee/avemcree
SmpleTrek Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sonicware/smpltrek-portable-product...

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DJ Ave McRee

Could "SmplTrek" be The Drum Sampler of the Future?

SmplTrek is a portable drum sampler from Sonicware that's pushing the envelope in features for only $300!!! That's right! This sampler could give companies like AKAI, Native Instruments, Novation, Roland, etc a "run for the money"! I'm reacting to their trailer video, talking about the specs, and comparing it to my huge collection of drum samplers. I want to hear from you guys in the comments. I bought mine!

check out Sonicware's kick starter here

check out Sonicware's YouTube channel!

DJ Ave McRee