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FL Key Mini Boom Bap Beat Making Review

Novation's FL Key Mini MK3 is a midi controller dedicated for FL Studio beat makers or music producers. I buy one to see if it could live up to the "hype". However, it seems to be decent at best! Novation does a great job of intergrading workflow & functionality. The FL Key mini is fairly low in price & portable. I'll walk you thru the basic setup & make a boom bap style beat. Let me know how you feel in the comments.

FL Key Mini Sweetwater link: https://imp.i114863.net/9WjPve
zZounds link: https://www.zzounds.com/item--NOVFLKEYMINI?siid=317073/a--3973043

DJ Ave McRee

MPC Live II Pad Thai 2 Boombap Beatmaking & Sampling Cookin Soul

Boom bap beat making using the AKAI MPC expansion called "Pad Thai 2" by Marco Polo. I'm sampling Cookin Soul's new "Supreme Cookin" pack (available at Drum Brokers). The drums are new and crispy. Not to mention Cookin Soul's sample pack isn't bad at all! I'm using my trusty MPC Live 2 & getting back to basics. I'll demonstrate the sounds & make 2 beats. Let me know how you feel by leaving a comment below!

get Pad Thai here

get Cookin Soul's "Supreme Cookin" here

DJ Ave McRee

How to Make Boom Bap Beats - Beat Making 2021

Wondering how to make boom bap beats from scratch? Here's how I make old school/boom bap type beats from scratch and with samples, how I sequence my beats, how I program my drums and more. This was from a live MEC session, live on @BeatStars​

Tune in for free every Thursday at 3 PM EST on www.beatstars.live

My drum kit: https://djpain1beats.com/sound-kits/o...​

The Samples from this video: https://thesamplelab.com/products/el-...​

DJ Pain 1