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Drumma Boy receives 2Chainz : Based On A Tru Story "gold plaque"

Published on May 9, 2013
Thanks to 2Chainz, Dolla Boy, D Leeks, KY "the incredible engineer", Erica at Def Jam, and all the fans that supported us... #truuuu Based On A Tru Story available on iTunes:

Drumma Boy

Making "Big Money Talk" (Lil Chuckee, Yo Gotti, Tity Boi)

A quick run-down of how I made the "Big Money Talk" beat for Lil Chuckee (Young Money), 2Chains (Playaz Circle/DTP) and Yo Gotti.

For the video on free soundfonts:

For the free 808 bass plug-in:

DJ Pain 1

Drumma Boy & Nelly: Studio Session - Part 2/2

DrumSquadTV catches the behind the scenes of studio session with Drumma Boy & Nelly. They record a song titled "Country Ass Nigga" ft Tity Boi. Stay tuned for the guest feature!!! Aye Yeaahhh Booyyy

Drumma Boy

Drumma Boy records a song with Tity Boi aka "2Chainz"

Drumma Boy and 2Chainz work on a song for Welcome To My City Vol. 2, coming soon this May!!!

Drumma Boy