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How To Setup an Email Auto-Responder For Beat Buying Customers

One important tool you should include to your beat selling strategy is email marketing. Email marketing software allows you to keep in touch with customers and potential customers. The customer/visitor will opt-in to your email list when they come to your site/blog giving their email address in exchange for something in return. What you could then do is send them news letters or offers that you have specifically for the customer. The customer then see’s the offer or reads the news letter, finds out about your product, and comes to your blog/site to makes a purchase.

Another cool thing about building up an email list is you can completely automate the process and it can expand your passive income. Email marketing software like Aweber.com provides you with tools to make professional email signup forms & several auto responder services. With the auto responder you can deliver a sequence of messages automatically. They have over 150 HTML templates that make it easy for you to create memorable emails that convert. This site has plenty of tutorial videos to walk you through the process of setting up an auto responder on your site so you can make this possible.

Now once you have this auto responder set up on your site, you need to figure out what you’re going to give in order to get the customers email address in return. I have a few ideas that you might want to consider. The first one is to simply give away a free beat in exchange for their email address. When you’re creating your auto responder on Aweber.com in your description put something like, “Enter Your Email address & Get a Free Beat.” Sounds pretty easy right? It is. Another idea I have that you might want to try is giving away a sound-kit you have created. You could give away a free tutorial video on how to make a beat by making it a private link on Youtube.com that only you have, to give away to whom you choose. Or you could just offer the future, “Enter Your Email Address to Get Exclusive Offers on My Beats.” However you want to word it is completely up to you, just be creative.

In my experience it’s always better to give the customer something in order to get something in return. It establishes trust right off the back, with you and your brand. I have another tactic that you can use when it comes to building up your email list on your site, it’s called PopUpdomination.com.

The plug-in they have created allows you to increase your subscribers in 6 days or less. If you don’t know what a plug-in is, it’s basically a feature on the wordpress.com dashboard that allows you to add features to your site. When a new visitor comes to your site a pop-up auto-responder box will appear on the screen with your offer in exchange for their email address. The cool thing about the plug-in is how you can customize it to your specific needs. Let’s say you wanted to add a video to your pop-up auto-responder box, this is possible. You could add a video to the plug-in that you have created, telling the customer about what your giving them in exchange for their email address. This tactic could turn out highly successful for you when it comes to converting new subscribers to your email list.

With the Popupdomination.com plug-in you can easily connect it to your Aweber.com account. Other features the plug-in includes are 11 customizable themes, analytics (how many people are viewing your pop-up), A/B testing (see what resonates with your audience) and different pop-ups on different pages. This is a great tool to consider and could increase your email list and sales extremely. To get more details on this plug-in and how you can use it, visit Popupdomination.com. It’s a site you should definitely check out!

The last tool I would like to recommend that you might be interested in is called OptinSkin.com. What this software allows you to do is sort of similar to what the Popupdomination software allows you to do. Let me tell you about some of the features they offer. They allow you to fully test all elements of your opt-in form, giving you the ability to see what offer you have that is converting more subscribers. There are 18 customizable default designs that come with the plug-in, you can change the text, color and make it look how you desire. The coolest thing about this plug-in to me is the fade feature. What the fade feature allows you to do is simply make your sign-up form fade into your content to catch a visitors attention. Also with this tool, impressions only count if your form if seen, this is a unique feature some plug-ins don’t have. The plug-in works with all email marketing services like Aweber.com and is easy to install. They have plenty of tutorials to help you accomplish all your goals with the plug-in. Sound’s cool right? Head over there and check it out further if this sounds like something you would be interested in. They have a great introduction video. Once again, I hope I have been a great help and you learned something new.

Thanks again & Create Your Own Luck!

author: Todd Hathcock
Source: www.howtosellbeats.net