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How To Get Your Music Heard

It’s about time for me to tell you a bit about marketing your music. Specifically what NOT to do and why.

Take your time and shine

Is your music as good as it can be? Are you 100% happy with your songs? If not, you better think twice if you should start spreading the word around. Because once the word is out, it’s out. First impressions only come once and if that fails, it’s just no good. So listen to your tracks, give them some thought and maybe get a few opinions elsewhere before doing anything.

Many people rush into things and maybe even release unmixed tracks and then just tell people: “The better, fully mixed version will be out soon”. I mean c’mon, a proper mixing and mastering can do wonders to a song and you should NOT release unmixed tracks, ever, period. Only release songs that you are satisfied with.

Don’t spam. Personalize

You’ve probably been to MySpace at some point in your life? If you’ve been there I’m sure you’ve seen the next thing there what I’m about to say. Don’t send huge amount of “spam” messages to people telling them to check out your beats/songs. In example:


No, no, no and no. Would you check out his beats? Because I guarantee your inbox is full of these kind of messages. Here’s some reasons this message sucks:

1. You can see clearly this is meant for hundreds of people, clearly a spam message nobody reads.

2. All letters are capital letters, shows that the guy wants to stand out, it never works.

3. The message doesn’t show any kind of professional attitude whatsoever.

So what could you do to make a message like this better? Personalize it for the specific person you’re sending it to. People appreciate you checking them out first and commenting/asking something about them. I guarantee they will more likely read your message and get back to you.

What would you do, send 100 “spam” messages and get 0-5 replies. Or in the same amount of time send 20 personalized messages and get 15-20 replies? You can see it now too, huh?

It’s all about connecting on a personal level, look professional and use common sense.

Author: Life & Death
Source: www.annodominination.com