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How To Find a Graphic Designer To Create a Customized Soundclick.com Page

It’s time to get you a customized Soundclick.com page. Here are some ways you can get this done. You can get this completely outsourced by someone who knows how to do graphic designs. This technique I recommend highly, because it’s quick and it can be done pretty cheap. You can easily get this done on sites like Elance.com. On Elance.com they allow you to make a posting for a job, give a description about how you want it and enter a budget on how much you want to spend. There is a onetime fee of $5 to start posting on Elance.com once you do this you can make a post and people will starting contacting you will proposals for your project. You then select a proposal put the money in escrow with a debit or credit card and start working with your designer. Elance.com allows you to do all of this through their site. Elance is a very trusted site and I have use them for various projects in the past and I will continue to in the future.

Once you are satisfied with your design, you then click a button inside of your Elance.com account to release the money out of escrow to your graphic designers account. You can then rate how good the job was done and they can also rate you about how smooth the process was to work with you. My advice when choosing a proposal is to try to choose someone who has either done Soundclick.com custom pages before or has a very good rating when it comes to other jobs they have done for people. Once you choose a graphic designer be sure to give plenty of detail about how you want your design to look; communication is the key on Elance.com. Also try to choose someone who knows how to install your custom page if you don’t know anything about HTML. You could simply give them your log in information and have them install it for you. If you are not comfortable with doing this an alternative way you can go about getting it installed is asking your designer to create a TeamViewer.com account and you do the same.

What you would do is go to TeamViewer.com download the software (its free and trustworthy I’ve used it for several Elance.com projects) then install it onto your computer. What TeamViewer.com allows you to do is give someone your TV login name and they then can take over your desktop/laptop and do things from your computer. The benefit of this is at least you get to watch what they are doing if you give them your SoundClick.com login. So then you can see how the process works of pasting the code into your SoundClick.com account and if you decide to change your design again you can just simply paste the code in yourself. After that if you want just simply change your SoundClick.com password if that makes you feel better win/win.

The next way you can go about getting this done is another outsourcing route, I have listed several graphic design sites that specialize in creating SoundClick.com pages.

ThisIzHot.com (Created designs for big producers on SoundClick.com including SuperStarO, JohnnyJuliano & Vybe Beatz)
These are some great sites to go about getting your custom SoundClick.com page designed. Go check out these sites and take a look at their portfolios. If you think this is the right choice for you contact them and get a quote! Also if you’re up to it you can always buy some graphic design software like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop (or you might already have it) & create the design yourself. This will take a lot more time and effort though especially if you don’t have any experience with using software like this but that’s completely up to you. I hope this article was informative leave your comments below!

Thanks For Reading & Create Your Own Luck!

author: Todd Hathcock
source: www.howtosellbeats.net