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How To Build Relationships Online Selling Beats

How To Build Relationships Online Selling Beats: Something you must do when preparing to start selling beats online is learn how to build relationships with potential clients. One of the best ways to do this is through social media. Twitter I find is one of the top places if not the top place to build relationships with potential customers who will buy your beats. In this article I’m going to give you all the techniques I use to build relationships on twitter and tell you exactly why they work. If your an up-incoming producer/beat-maker and you don’t have a twitter account already, my advice would be to make one a.s.a.p, before continuing to read.

For starters, your presence on twitter should be completely humble and “you“. When I say “you” I mean be creative in your own way about how & what you tweet. Once people feel they can relate to you and they feel like you’re a real person they will be more likely to buy from you. Do not spam people with links and messages like “follow me back” or links saying “check out my beats” that will get you nowhere fast. Instead follow the type of people that you feel would be interested in buying beats from you. Don’t go follow some big name star and try to spam them with links mentioning the beats you have for sale.

Type in twitter phrases like “I need beats” or “need a producer” and see all the tweets from people saying things like this. Follow these type of people & once they’ve noticed you’ve followed them they may follow you back or they may not. Taking action like this will help you build a following of targeted followers that will be more likely to make purchases from you. Having 1,000 targeted followers is way better than having 10,000 random followers. Random followers will never click on your links that you tweet or read whatever it is your tweeting. But if you have targeted followers, people that are looking for beats to purchase they will more likely click on your links, read your tweets and ultimately make purchases from you. I see a lot of producers on twitter that have a lot of followers but they are not targeted. When you go to their SoundClick pages and things like that their plays don’t match up with their following. The reason is because they have more random followers then they have targeted witch creates a weird balance that you don’t want. So I’ll say it again focus on getting targeted followers and you will see results faster! Another thing you can do to build relationships with your followers is to just talk to them. When you see someone tweeting something that you may have an answer to or could elaborate on, don’t be hesitant to speak up. Just be yourself.

Here are some phrases you could type into twitter to find people to follow and talk to:

“need beats”

“I need beats”

“I need producers”

“I want to write need some beats”

“cheap beats for sale”

“cheap beats”

“good producers”

I always tell people that content is king. I tell them this because its completely true. As a producer/beat-maker if you focus on putting out quality content efficiently you will rise fast guaranteed. This is the best possible way to build relationship’s with people because they will come to you first and when people come to you first you’re in complete control. You can take the conversation wherever you want to take it and ultimately accomplish the main goal witch is to make a sale. So always focus on your content more than anything else because that will help you build relationships the fastest way. Something else you should get use to doing is reading people’s bio’s on twitter. I say this, because by reading people’s bio’s you can easily tell if they’re an independent artist. These are the type of people you are looking to follow, build a relationship with and get to purchase from you.

There are also some automated tools you could use to build your twitter following and business relationships. The most common and best one to use is a software program called TweetAdder. All the other ways I explained before are manual ways to build a following which you should continue to do even if you take the automated route. But in the end it will be completely up to you which route you decide to be the most consistent with. Once you have TweetAdder running the entire process of you building a targeted following will be almost completely automated and will save you a lot of time. If this sounds like something that you would be interested visit TweetAdder.com for more details.

author: Todd Hathcock
Source: www.howtosellbeats.com