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How To Build a Blog/Website To Sell More Beats

Building a blog/site is a great way to increase your exposure by adding another outlet to your portfolio to potentially make money selling your beats. This can be a back up to your Soundclick.com page & MyflashStore.net account, just in case anything ever goes wrong over there. The most inexpensive route you can go about doing this is building the blog/site yourself. This is not too complicated but will require some time if you are an absolute beginner when it comes to web design or HTML.

The first thing you want to do is buy a domain name and you’re going to need hosting. Hosting is storage in Cyber space that you need to keep your blog/site floating, for those who don’t know. It will cost you a monthly fee but you can get it for $5.95 a month at BlueHost.com. You can also get a domain there too. So to save money on your domain name, just get both items at BlueHost.com. I recommend you install your domain name into the WordPress platform.

WordPress is a platform that a lot of people use to operate their blog/site. It is easy to use and a quick way to get your site up. To install your domain into WordPress is easy. The easiest way to get this done is by calling BlueHost’s toll free number and having them install it for you or by having them walk you through the process. You can find the number on the front page of their site. To find out more about WordPress just go to WordPress.org and get all the information you need.

The next thing you will need to do is get a theme for your blog/site. Every theme I have ever brought has come from WooThemes.com. Their designs are nice and simple and they help you get right to the point to accomplish your blog/site’s design goals. The cool thing about WooThemes.com is when you buy one theme you usually get 1 or 2 free themes. Go check out WooThemes.com and take a look at their portfolio and see if you see something you like. I suggest that you purchase an e-commerce type theme that can easily be integrated with your PayPal account or other merchant account you choose to use, so you can accept payments for your beats. You could always go to Elance.com or the other sites I listed to get a SoundClick.com design to get a theme custom made for WordPress. That’s completely up to you but WooThemes.com themes are all ready to go and you can simply install it yourself.

Once you have obtained a template, log into your WordPress dashboard. To get to your dashboard type this in the address bar http://YourDomain.com/wp-admin then enter your login and password. This information will be given to you if you called BlueHost and had them install WordPress for you. They will tell you this if you ask and you should also receive an email with this info.

Once you’re inside of your WordPress dashboard, on the left hand side click the link “Appearances” then click themes. At the top of your screen in the dashboard you should see two tabs that say “Manage Themes” & “Install Themes.” What you want to do is click “Install Themes” then right below that click upload. Once you’ve done that click “browse,” find your theme on your computer and click Install. Your theme will be in a zip format to upload to WordPress. Simply download one of the themes you have purchased at Woothemes.com or your created one from Elance.com. Make sure once you do this, that your theme is activated by clicking activate, once you have installed the theme.

After that process is over you can see what your theme looks like installed, by going to the top left hand corner, a drop box should pop down that says view site. Hit the back button after you’ve finishing viewing it to get back to your dashboard. Now if you’re looking to make your blog/site flashy like your SoundClick.com page then I would advise you to get this whole process outsourced at Elance.com or one of the other sites I have mentioned. One of the big benefits about having your own blog/site is the freedom. With your own blog/site that you pay to have hosted and have created, the sky is the limit. There are so many outlets you can add to it like a e-commerce clothing store, a membership section, personal advertising, partner advertising and lots more to help build your beat empire. Please leave comments below and I hope this helps you get closer to your blog/website goals.

Thanks for reading & Create Your Own Luck!

author: Todd Hathcock
Source: http://www.howtosellbeats.net