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The Best Place to Sell Your Beats Online

I hear this topic come up a lot in this niche. Everybody wants’ to know the best place to sell their beats when their just getting started online. This decision will be completely up to you when it comes down to it, but I will do my best to try to steer you in the best direction that I can. I have already wrote about SoundClick.com & MyFlashStore.net in previous articles on this blog, so check them out to when you get a chance. Even though I have discussed these 2 sites, I have not went into detail about witch site I think is better to sell your beats on when you’re just getting started and why.

Let me be the first to tell you if you haven’t heard it from somebody else already SoundClick.com is the best place to get started selling your beats online. Here’s why; SC is the number one place online that rappers, singers etc. search for beats to download for free or purchase. Basically, once your beat is on the SC charts it will automatically sell itself. This is why I say it’s the best place to get started, selling your beats online. For most new producers/beat-makers they are extremely excited to get their first beat sold online and SC makes this possible as quick as you can get it done, being a newbie.

Here are some of the features SC has to offer [Here]

Now the 2nd best place to sell your beats online, would be to just flat out create your own website and sell your beats that way. With this tactic you could do pretty much anything you want, as long as its legal. Also, with this tactic you can have all the features SC has and more. This could possibly be the best place to sell your beats online, depending on how big your brand/name is. Why wouldn’t you want to have complete control over everything you do to potentially make a sale with your beats?

This is why I say even if you do have a SC page, you should still have your own website because it’s a back-up if anything ever goes wrong on SC or if you start off building your brand on SC and then realize you don’t like it anymore for some reason. It’s always good to have more than one outlet. The more the better; the greater chance you have of making a sell and putting money in your account. So with that being said, I would advise everyone who wants to sell their beats online to have as many outlets as possible linked back to you.

If you want to know more about creating your own website/blog to sell your beats on click [Here]

The 3rd best place to sell your beats online is probably MyFlashStore.net. I feel like a lot of people sleep on MyFlashStore.net, when they shouldn’t. Their platform allows you to embed a music player on unlimited websites, to sell your beats. They have features where you can offer your customers coupons and different kinds of discounts. They also take no commission from the sale of any of your beats. Another reason why MyFlashStore.net is cool, is because you don’t have to redirect anyone back to a specific site to generate a sell, which could determine in those few seconds if the buyer is going to change his/her mind about making a purchase. So check them out @ MyFlashStore.net.

author: Todd Hathcock
source: www.howtosellbeats.net