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bout to go thru anf find beats to finish

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Best FREE Kontakt Banks & FREE VST Plugins For Making Melodies (Cubeatz, Travis Scott, Pvlace) 2021

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Best FREE Kontakt Banks & FREE VST Plugins For Making Melodies (Cubeatz, Travis Scott, Pvlace) 2021

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Soundbank Preview
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The Art Behind The Business, And The Business Behind The Art

How To Make FIRE GUITAR Beats For KODAK BLACK From SCRATCH | FL Studio 20 Tutorial

#splitmind #flstudio20tutorial #kodakblacktutorial

Intro: 0:00
Beat Preview: 0:31
Starting the Loop: 1:02
Sample Preview: 1:13
How to Record Guitar: 1:31
Guitar Chords: 1:52
Guitar Counter Melody: 2:03
Guitar Bass Notes: 2:12
Guitar Processing Pt. 1: 2:23
Guitar Processing Pt: 2: 2:59
Guitar Processing Pt. 2: 3:33
Vocal: 3:57
Vocal FX: 4:10
Koto: 4:47
Koto FX: 4:54
Koto Arrangement: 5:01
Pad FX: 5:50
Texture Pad: 5:56
Texture FX: 6:13
Sample Structuring: 6:17
Sample Master FX: 6:34
Starting the Beat: 7:08
Rim: 7:13
808: 7:22
Hi Hat: 7:48
Open Hats: 8:16
Perc 1: 8:38
Perc 2: 8:43
Structuring the Beat: 8:51
Mixing the Beat: 9:25
Outro: 9:42
Final Beat: 10:11

1 day 10 hours ago

In this video, I make a fire emotional trap beat from scratch! I also have the midi for you to download free!

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►► Hip Hop Audio School

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Artist featured in the video

#mixingHipHop #QuickMix

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In this Logic Pro tutorial, Jono Buchanan breaks down Logic's time-stretching features. You'll learn how to use time-stretch to alter the tempo of an audio clip, and use Audio Editor to set a source and destination tempo and change the pitch of a clip. You'll also learn how to use Flex editing to time-stretch a file with transient detection, as well as learning how to convert an audio file to a sampler instrument while keeping everything in time.

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Join Timbaland's Beatclub LIVE: https://www.twitch.tv/timbaland

47:02 Timbaland finds FIRE BEAT PACK

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00:00 Welcome to Beatclub Academy
02:37 Pepeno
03:38 Vincent FM
04:11 Baleine
04:46 Armin Sepidar
05:26 KC Marc
06:30 Benru
07:56 DJ J.O.C.K
09:10 Kenopsist
10:06 Madjin Bea
10:24 Killa C Beats
10:58 Tuk Produce This
11:38 Warlies
12:25 Qlan
13:22 Chrizah
13:48 Dorothy - Ryung
16:19 Benru
17:12 DJ J.O.C.K
17:48 Dorothy - Ryung
18:37 Music gotta touch your soul; gotta create a thrill, a "wow"
21:06 WillieStyles727 TIMBO FLOWS
23:38 Yilliamata
24:07 Baevld
25:10 Dfrntperiod
26:20 Kikis_goodcat
27:00 Alexasbel
27:52 Jokillbeatz
29:25 Tim plays Wheezy’s 1st beat
32:30 Tim plays Wheezy’s 2nd beat
34:23 Tim plays Wheezy’s 3rd beat
36:30 MaskerMuzzik
38:11 GrooveCreatorOfficial
38:31 AtomTheAlien
41:36 PhantomElement119
42:33 Dara JT
43:40 Those that avoid failure end up avoiding success; failure is the main ingredient of success
44:13 Tank
47:02 RageRubin TIMBO FLOWS LIKE ANDRE 3000
51:51 TerrestrialAlien_
52:56 Thisisrevu
53:49 RobinIsaacs
54:24 Benji Beats Boy
54:55 Kevindaveprod
55:42 DJ_Pauloffame
56:51 Lotus808s
57:47 DonDestin
58:24 Crankbeatz030
59:59 IzzoSmiley24
1:01:04 SasheenOfficial
1:02:18 Brainstorm_Beats
1:03:10 Aladdinproducer
1:04:36 Meechiano
1:05:36 GabrielGWorld
1:06:30 Grigga
1:08:21 DrumGameFuego
1:09:16 Kadet701
1:09:58 IndigenousBeats
1:11:01 Beatlalipos
1:12:42 JohnJohnBeats
1:14:21 X_ridoy_x
1:15:21 SoliniMusic
1:16:57 BrodieBeatz
1:18:00 ROLLOUT

#Timbaland #Beatclub #BeatclubAcademy

This episode of Beatclub was live-streamed on Twitch on the 17th June 2021.

Follow Timbaland on https://twitter.com/Timbaland to catch Beat Academy LIVE.

Join Timbaland's Beatclub LIVE: https://www.twitch.tv/timbaland

2 days 11 hours ago

More videos like this 6 Tips for Realistic-sounding Strings in Your Home Studio https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLlczpwSXEOybJLExI9WQwRA7ARVxPCPEG

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If you’re wondering what video gear we use, check it out https://www.sweetwater.com/shop/general-gear-used-to-make-sweetwater-vid...

Crafting realistic-sounding strings in a DAW is easier said than done, but Sweetwater’s Jacob Dupre knows a thing or two about how to get started with the right tools and knowledge. Join him as he breaks down the six tips and tricks he recommends for adding concert-quality strings to your compositions. Everything from articulations and dynamics to choosing lifelike string packs is discussed in depth — be sure to bring a pen and paper!

After you watch, check out Sweetwater.com today for all your music instrument and pro audio needs! https://www.Sweetwater.com/?utm_source=YouTube&utm_medium=Referral&utm_c...

0:00 - Intro
0:25 - Listen to Real Strings
1:44 - Invest in a String Library
3:55 - Know Your Articulations
6:50 - Always Use Key-switches
9:10 - Using Sustain or Writing Out Parts
11:06 - Dynamics, Expression, and Reverb Galore!
21:47 - Thanks for Watching!

#Sweetwater #ViennaSymphonicLibrary #NativeInstruments

2 days 11 hours ago

In this video I show 5 Waves EQ’s that can be difficult to understand.
You can check out these EQ’s at the links below.

1. Puigtec - https://bit.ly/2X8QJd3
2. F6 dynamic EQ - https://bit.ly/38NvNiH
3. Kramer HLS - https://bit.ly/38HnpBd
4. Redd.17 - https://bit.ly/3rw7UUo
5. Redd.37-51 - https://bit.ly/3rw7UUo


0:00 intro
0:27 Waves Puuigtec
4:26 Waves F6 Dynamic EQ
9:27 Waves Kramer HLS
13:02 Waves Abbey Road Redd consoles

Also check out the Faders Up Podcast bit.ly/3f3WeBH

2 days 11 hours ago


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